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Wool carpets are known for their thick plush carpet pile. This pile is resistant to mechanical stress from foot traffic.
Using cutting edge wool rug cleaning technology at SteamKleen, we clean your rug inside-out. We rid your rug of sand, salts and stubborn dirt with our custom-blended detergents specifically prepared for wool rugs. Our service removes all stubborn stains and odours entirely, leaving no residue on your wool rug.

Since wool carpets are thicker they require special steam cleaning carpet care. Dirt accumulates at the base of the carpet and needs more time to clean it. In addition to this wool carpet fiber will tend to soak in water while cleaning. Professional steam cleaning leaves minimal water in your carpet after washing. The carpet pile is set in the original direction it was made for optimal drying. Your wool carpet will dry in a few hours so you can get back to enjoying it.