Stain and Odour Removal Services

Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Even with the most powerful hot water extraction, it is impossible to remove a pet’s urine stain and its smell from the carpet.
This is because the urine always sinks deep in the carpet, reaching the base of the piles, back of the carpet and sometimes even the underlining of the carpet. This makes cleaning it a very difficult process. Cleaning such stains is impossible with the ordinary techniques and even if the carpet has been professionally steam cleaned you may realize that the odour of the stain has remained. At SteamKleen, we are proud to use the latest cleaning methodology. Using this specialized vacuuming technique (which is 10 times stronger than the ordinary techniques), and large amounts of specific urine neutralizers, we get rid of the stains and the smell altogether.

Removing odours from the home can be a tricky and complicated process. Allow the professionals at Steam Kleen to take care of this problem for you. Our technicians have been trained in how to safely remove odours without damaging carpets and upholsteries. In no time at all we can have your home smelling fresh and clean. We even have green cleaning options which pose no risks to your family and pets.

Pet and Urine Odour Removal

One of the most prevalent odour issues which is found in homes is urine odour from household pets. Cat urine can be especially difficult to deal with. These are especially tricky for companies which are not properly trained in safely removing odours. In these cases, the odours can become worse than before. The reason for this is simple. When not done in a proper manner, cleaning urine from carpets and upholstery can actually bring the smell out, rather than take it away. The crystals present in cat urine, for example, release ammonia when they are wet. If a cleaning technician is not aware of the chemical reactions of urine, they may try to wet the spot in order to clean it.

Removing Other Odours in Your Home

Our technicians at Steam Kleen understand this, and will use more dry methods of cleaning. We can remove any odour problem you may have with a 100% money back guarantee. Here are some of the other odour problems which Steam Kleen can tackle for you:
Smoke odours – Whether your home or office has become overwhelmed with smoke from tobacco products, or a pot burned on the stove, or maybe you suffered a fire which left the residence smelling of smoke, Steam Kleen can restore the freshness of your home in no time.
Food Odours – What happens when the power goes off, and the food that is left in the refrigerator goes bad? That smell of dead and rotten meat and vegetables can soon take over the home. Or perhaps it is a simpler issue, such as spilled milk in the sofa, or soup in the carpet. Steam Kleen can remove the odours and take care of any stains.