Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile acts as an ornament in your home. it is durable and generally easy to clean, but cleaning grout is a different story. Because of its light coloring and porous composition, grout is prone to staining. In a tiled entry or mudroom, dirt and grime are the usual culprits, while in the kitchen, spills are more likely to blame. Moreover, in the bathroom, homeowners must contend with mold and mildew.

The SteamKleen team uses a brand new solution formula to clean your tiles and grout. This is carried out at high pressure and applies a hot water rinse within a perfect vacuum system. SteamKleen is the answer to all your tiles and grout as it works well on all kinds of different surfaces such as slate, sandstone, ceramic, porcelain. The list on which SteamKleen acts flawlessly also includes kitchen floors, showers and tubs, tiled foyers and entryways, sunrooms, tiled halls, countertops and bathroom floors. Natural tile and grout surfaces too are compatible with SteamKleen applications.

Tile and grout sealer

We recommend using a sealer as an overlay on tiles and grout surfaces after cleaning them. This acts as an additional layer of protection which renders the grout resistant to spillages and staining. Adding to this, sealing grout surfaces preserves and cleans them at the same time. SteamKleen ensures that your grout surface undergoes thorough cleaning before the sealer is applied, as this avoids covering up dirt underneath. Our technicians are well-trained and are skilled enough to rejuvenate all kinds of surfaces. Wherever your tiles and grout surfaces are located, we will make them spotless and clean, be they in the kitchen, driveway, toilet, bathroom, wet rooms, outdoors or pool areas. Make a bold step and give us a call and you sure won’t get disappointed.

Providing Special Service

We understand that cleaning the various forms of tile and grout surfaces present within your premises requires a special touch which we are ready to give. Do not expect to see etches and strange marks on the surfaces once we’re done cleaning. Neither does it trouble us the intensive labour that your surface demands. We endeavour to make thorough assessment of all our surfaces and the cleaning methods we should apply.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Do not hesitate in calling us in meet your tile and grout cleaning needs. You will find out that we are equipped with sufficient skill and ability to offset your cleaning dissatisfaction. Right from the outset of our cleaning mandate, we apply tact and technique to bring out a final product that you will admire. SteamKleen is keen on any form of work committed to us by our clients and we demonstrate this by our professional cleaning services.