Persian Rug Cleaning Services

Take Care of Your Valuable Persian Rugs

Persian rugs originate from Persia (Iran). It is a millennia-old industry spanning centuries of Persian empire rules and dynasties. Persian rug is also classified as a type of Oriental rug. These artistic area rugs are generally hand-woven with beautiful natural designs that usually use floral themes. Persian rugs usually come in deep rich colours such as vibrant red gold and navy blue.

The dyes for the deep colours in Persian rugs need careful attention while the rug is cleaned. SteamKleen uses professional cleaning products and machinery for your rugs. We ensure that your rugs aren’t damaged by bleeding or fading during cleaning. We are experienced with thoroughly cleaning Persian rugs with rich dyes in their material. Toronto and the GTA have had thousands of rugs cleaned with SteamKleen. Reach out to us for a quote: (416) 801-9393