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Fleet Car Interior Cleaning

Fleet cars look and feel great with our essential car interior cleaning services. With regular use any car will have dust and dirt build up from food, pollution and light layers of dirt added to the seats each time we sit down.

We can also handle stains that happen from food, snow, salt, sand, mud and more. Regular dirt and stains get added from our shoes. We’re also there to clean other accidents such as pets stains, vomit and other organic based waste.

Fleet Car Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of the car will give your clients and customers their first impression of your company. That why it’s important to keep the exterior in good condition. Dirt and other pollutants end up on the car exterior with regular use.

Regular Toronto commutes are on average 1 hour. This travel time will allows your car exterior to acquire lots of dirt. Car washes don’t always get all the dirt. This makes it important to periodically give your car exterior professional car cleaning.

SteamKleen offers a full spectrum of auto detailing services in Toronto for all types of vehicles, both exterior and interior.
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Why Get Your Fleet Car Cleaned?

Professional car cleaning will clean and deodorize the interior and exterior our your fleet cars. Cleanliness shows that your company is professional and it also keeps your employee morale high. Dirt and other smells in your car do the opposite.

Steam Kleen won’t interrupt your busy schedule because we come to you. Fleet cars can be cleaned at your place of business to better accommodate you.

Benefits of Fleet Car Cleaning

-Great professional first impression
-Keeps your cars and employees looking professional
-Deodorizes the car interior
-Freshens the car air versus masking the air with air fresheners

At SteamKleen, We Service Your Car As If It Were Our Own