Car Steam Cleaning Services




Car Steam Cleaning

Dirty car? Seat Stain? Leave your cleaning to the experts at Steam Kleen. We can expertly clean your car interior at your place of residence. We clean the car seat upholstery as well as the car floors with powerful steam cleaning equipment and products.

Stains can come from your kids, pets, food, beverages and bad weather conditions. We can clean it all out of your car during a thorough cleaning. This cleaning helps freshen the car smell by removing the source of odors. Don’t continue trying to mask odors with air freshers that don’t get to the route of the problem.

Salt Removal From Floors

The winter season in Toronto is harsh and comes with salt, sand and antifreeze to maintain the roads. Unfortunately much of the sand and salt gets into our cars and remains there even after the winter season is over. To properly extract it you need professional car steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning will lift and extract all the salt, sand, antifreeze and other dirt from your car floor and seat upholstery. Your car will looks as good as new in no time with our car cleaning service.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

If you carpool, chauffer or work for a taxi company like uber your passengers can be a source of a mess in your car. If you’re picking up party people it’s a matter of when your passenger will be sick. Car sickness isn’t fun to clean up and you need professional car steam cleaning to effectively manage the mess.

When flu season comes around there is a bigger potential for sudden car sickness. Car steam cleaning will clean and sterilize any vomit stains to effectively sterilize the car from viruses. Car steam cleaning also deodorizes your vehicle to keep the air fresh.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Car Interior

Steam cleaning on your car’s carpet, leather trim, seats and upholstery doesn’t just leave you with a clean car interior, it also sanitizes your car by killing bacteria that can cause illness and odors.

At SteamKleen, We Service Your Car As If It Were Our Own