Signs you need to clean your upholstery

Most furniture items have an upholstery component. Upholstery is frequently seen on bed headboards, chairs and couches. Furniture items are used frequently and can acquire dust, dirt and stains from a variety of sources. Upholstery requires professional steam cleaning to thoroughly clean it.

It is recommended that you get your upholstery cleaned with steam cleaning once a year. If you don’t know how long it’s been since the upholstery has been cleaned there are a few signs to look for. Steam cleaning can be used to clean particular stains out of upholstery as well.

Inspect your furniture closely and look for discolouration or shading. Some stains are not readily visible so scan sections of the upholstery carefully in under good lighting conditions. Areas with dark shading can be due to dirt accumulation. Keep in mind that other discolouration can be from UV light sun exposure.

Aside from visible differences in shading there are other signs that are less obvious. Get close to furniture and check for unusual smells or odors. The smells can signify the presence bacteria or mould. In this case the furniture definitely needs to be steam cleaned.

There are Toronto steam cleaning services available for all your upholstery cleaning needs. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to lift dirt out of your furniture. The process also sanitizes the upholstery and eliminates any bacteria present.

Steam cleaning is effective in preventing allergy symptoms. The process removes allergy particles and dust mites from the furniture. The steam cleaning process renews upholstery material and leaves the fabric looking vibrant.