Holiday office parties Toronto

Having a holiday party at the office is a great way to bring the staff members together. However, the combination of cheer and food can leave stains on the carpet. The stains will be there in the new year and forever more if you don’t get them clean. Steam cleaning can help you address this issue.

Wall to wall carpet needs careful cleaning with a professional steam cleaning Toronto. You can choose to have the stains addresses or the entire carpeted area. If its been awhile since the carpets have been properly cleaned you may want to invest in the entire carpet being steam cleaned. Consider if there are coffee stains or shaded areas in other sections of the office.

Investing in office steam cleaning can renew the office environment. This can increase employee morale and make the office look professional to customers and clients. Steam cleaning the carpets can also improve the air quality of the office and prevent allergy irritations.

Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction for cleaning. First hot water is sprayed onto the carpet with cleaning solution. The hot water helps lift out and remove the dirt trapped at the base of your carpet. A second hose vacuums up the dirty water and leaves minimal moisture. This allows the carpet to dry fast and efficiently.

Steam cleaning can be applied to office furniture. Chairs and waiting in waiting room areas receive a lot of use and accumulate dirt over time. Food stains can also happen to chairs and couches. Steam cleaning will get your office looking professional in no time.