Furniture and your carpet

When you have carpets you will most likely be placing furniture on top of them. Most people aren’t aware that without the necessary precautions and maintenance they are slowly damaging carpet pile. This will result in thinning sections of carpet.

Your furniture sits in place and flattens carpet pile over time. With armchairs and tables there will be friction from small movements. This causes carpet pile to this in the sections where the furniture is placed.

To avoid damaging your carpet a proper under pad should be placed beneath your carpet. Under pads that off set mechanical pressure are recommended. The additional benefit of under pads are that they prevent friction between the carpet and the floor.

Carpets should be vacuumed weekly to straighten flattened carpet pile. Furniture should be rotated to unflattering carpet sections every few months. If you forget this annual carpet cleaning will allow you to adjust where the location of furniture on your carpet.
There are several professional carpet cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned will refresh the flattened carpet pile. Clean carpet pile is more resilient to mechanical stress than dirty pile.

Most synthetic carpet material is resistant to the mechanical stress caused by furniture. It is also easy to clean and water resistant. This quality helps when you get your carpets steam cleaned be a useful the carpet will dry quickly. Toronto has professional carpet steam cleaning to help restore the state of your carpets.