Carpets for Temporary Offices

When an office business location is being renovated the office is usually temporarily relocated. Most temporary offices are basic and have fewer comforts. It’s good to have some esthetic details to a temporary location to bring employee morale and reflect positively on customers. Installing a proper carpet can add this boost.

Since the office is only temporary the carpet doesn’t need to be very durable. It’s a good idea to get a carpet that is both cost effective and has an appealing design. Synthetic carpets are great because they are resistant to stains and generally do well with mechanical stress caused by foot traffic. There are different synthetic rug materials to choose from.

Carpets made from olefin or polypropylene are great for temporary office spaces. These synthetic carpet materials do well near entrances and outdoor areas and well as indoors. Polyester carpet is also does well with mechanical pressure from office furniture and heavy foot traffic.

Carpet cleaning shouldn’t be neglected even if the space is only occupied for a limited period of time. The carpet should be vacuumed weekly to prevent allergy irritations and potentially attracting pests. The office carpet should be steam cleaned for space being occupied up to a year.

Steam cleaning can be applied to stained sections of the carpet or the entire carpet. There are health benefits to getting the carpet clean. Steam cleaning freshens the air in the office and improves the quality of the space.