Carpet care when you own a bird

Birds are great companions but keeping one means a little extra cleaning for your rug. The size of your bird will determine how much dander and feathers they will shed. Cleaning your carpet properly will maintain your pet’s health as well as your own.

Your carpet will require vacuuming two to three times a week. This removes feathers and dander from your rug and prevents pests. Dust mites are attracted to feathers and dirt that settles into
your carpet. Vacuuming will also prevent allergy symptoms from potential allergen particles.

Your carpet needs to be cleaned once a year with steam cleaning. Toronto steam cleaning services are available for all your carpet cleaning needs. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly and is safe for pets, plants and children.

Other cleaning methods can use harmful detergents that are bad for your pets. Steam cleaning services use eco-friendly pressurized hot water extraction to clean your carpet. The cleaning method lifts out dirt and dust trapped at the base of your carpet. The pressurized hot water allows deep cleaning that isn’t possible with regular store bought equipment.

Steam cleaning will noticeably freshen the air in the room the carpet is located in. You and your pets will breathe easy with the quality of carpet cleaning Toronto steam cleaners will clean your carpet fast and efficiently. The steam cleaning method extract dirty water from your carpet and leaves minimal moisture. You will be able to get back to enjoying your carpet within a matter of hours.