Stain Cleaning

Stain Cleaning

Do not panic if you get your carpet accidently stained. We are here to help 01you deal with even the toughest spots. However, it is very important that you act quickly and have the stain properly taken care of, before it penetrates and soaks or dries into the fabric. Most stains can be handled if cleaned appropriately and on time, but they become increasingly hard to remove as they grow older.
Steam Kleen removes stains from your carpet by employing professional methodology. Whatever the stain or cause for it, we have a suitable solution, based on scientific knowledge. Be it tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks, urine, blood, ink, grease, oil, paint, water damage caused by flood, rain, water pipe leaks or what have you, we are experts and will take care of it fast and efficiently.
At Steam Kleen, we use latest machinery and cleaning materials at the cutting edge of technology, thus making sure your carpet and rugs retain their original colour and appearance. Our professional cleaners will first inspect the stain and provide you with extensive information on the expected results. The cleaning techniques we employ have been improved over time and we guarantee that we can successfully deal with almost any stain, no matter what caused it or how long it has been around for.
In most cases we would use steam cleaning that generally speaking, involves spraying cleaning agents onto the carpet at high pressure that are then almost instantly extracted, taking away all dirt and stains. Finally, in order to prevent any damage, we will pre-test the products we intend to use, so as to make sure discoloration and damage of the carpet fibres is not the case.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Process.

We use powerful and high-tech equipments that will successfully eradicate the most shutterstock_141862558common types of stains such as those from foods, wine, fruit juice, oil, greases and pet’s urine that are normally difficult to get rid of using standard cleaning procedures or those over-the-counter harsh chemicals that can actually ruin the carpet’s fabric or color condition if used excessively. In addition, we also make use of safe and environment-friendly solutions that will not leave behind any toxic residues which can potentially ruin your carpet’s fabric and dye material.

Aside from our expertise in the removal of old or new stubborn stains, our skilled and experience cleaners are also proficient in eliminating those often hard to remove odor-causing bacteria lingering deep down the fibers that are the main root of the unpleasant smell coming out of your rug. You can now enjoy having a rug that flawlessly clean and at the same time smells great.

After having freed your carpet from messy spots and markings, we recommend that you also get our stain protection coatings service wherein we will spray a clear, odorless, and non-toxic coating on its surface to help it resist spills, stains and soiling for up to 24 months while waiting for its next schedule of deep cleaning from the experts.