Nylon Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Synthetic Carpet Cleaning




Nylon carpet steam cleaning

It’s affordable to get a nylon wall to wall carpet. This style of carpet is great since it comes in a large variety of colours and designs. These include twisted loops or frieze design which gives the carpet a curly appearance. Textured carpet where there are no pile loops or twist and the pile is straight and even. Loop cut loop (LCL) which has carpet fibers arranged in a pattern using cut and looped carpet pile.


Nylon wears well and is resistant to mechanical pressures due to its elastic-like pile. It is also stain resistant but needs professional steam cleaning once a year. Steam cleaning will remove dirt that is trapped in the carpet pile. It is a quick and effective carpet cleaning method that utilizes water at its boiling point and cleaning solutions. This loosens and removes dust and dirt that ordinary carpet cleaning doesn’t.