Car Leather Cleaning




Car Leather Cleaning

Leather is a great material to have in your car but it need to be expertly cleaned. Essentially car leather needs to be carefully cleaned with the right cleaning products. In the next step the leather is conditioned with a revitalizer solution to protect it.

Protecting car leather is important for maintaining your car interior. Untreated leather can fade from UV sunlight and is prone to wearing out. This greatly reduce the quality of your car. Keep your car leather looking great with yearly maintenance techniques.

Luxury Leather Cleaning

Leather car interior needs careful upkeep to keep it looking great. The experts at Steam Kleen known that different types of leather need different treatments. We also know that leather needs more than just expert cleaning.

Not only do we clean all types of car leather we also have special conditioning products to maintain and revitalize leather. This treatment is important for protecting your car interior from UV light to regular abrasions. Get the luxury leather cleaning your car needs.

Why Choose Professional Leather Cleaning?

Steam Kleen uses expert equipment and products for leather car cleaning. Specialized leather cleaning products are required for different leather types. The leather gets cleaned with in the first step to remove dirt and other debris.

In the next step the leather is conditioned to revitalize and protect it. Leather needs protection against UV light, general wearing, discolouration and from general drying and cracking of the material. Protect your luxury leather car interior so you can keep it looking great overtime.

Salt Cleaning

Salt can do a lot of damage to your car interior. During the course of the winter season your car interior can get as much as a full cup of salt that settling into the floor and upholstery. This is aside from anti-freeze, sand and other dirt that comes with wet cold weather. Get the Canadian winter out of your car with our expert steam cleaning services.